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Winter 2003-2004

wonderful wintry fun in the country the neo-cons have so far overlooked

Wet snow and fairly dense fog in Switzerland

The winter of 2003-4 went by fast -- working quite hard when necessary, harming no one, and getting out to play about in the foggy rain and snow whenever we won't be missed.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Summer 2003 ended on a chilly, rainy note in October, as Kristin and hangers-on spent a week viewing the Devon and Cornwall coast path from nearby.

Memorable Autumn 2003: La Dôle with André Durham (left), Chalet à Roch Dessus with Lisa Durham, Mont Tendre with Joe Pirri, and Mont de Bière Devant with the same gentleman (right)

The Merry Yuletide Season, ho ho ho

Kristin's visit for the Christmas season, punctuated by amusing, pleasant mishaps

Snowshoe hikes, 23-26 December, oysters and lichees

Snowshoe hikes, 27-30 December 2003

More hikes, 1-2 January 2004

Forest of Grande Rolat, 3-4 January 2004

Christmas season hiking in the forest of Grande Rolat, 27 December 2003

2003, another cautionary year, comes to an end, along with about 12,000 innocent Iraqi citizens and the US economy for the next generation. But now we're all looking forward to 2004 and hoping for the best.

Refreshing, healthy mountain air in early 2004

Mont de Bière Devant, December & January

Drs Pirri and Durham on the Plateforme, 25 Jan.

Dr Peck, Noirmont in storm, 8 February

Mid-February hikes

Miscellaneous mid-winter hikes, February 2004

The Glacière de Saint-George, 29 February

The Grande Baume du Pré d'Aubonne, 6 March

Dr Pirri, M. de Bière Devant bis, 7 March
Photos of the farm of Joux de Bière, 13 March 2004 Uncertain weather on Grand Cunay, 14 March Dr Pirri, Crêt de Mondisé, 28 March 2004 Journey to Les Echadex, 9 April 2004

Drs Pirri and Peck in perpetual merriment, winter 2003-2004

Refreshing air, but not much sun this winter, well, never mind

Two trips to Crêt de la Neuve, April

The Glacière de St-Livres, 11 April

Pré de St-Livres, 12 April 2004

Chamois near La Dôle, 24 April

Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 18 April: Joe and Kristin lead an exploratory expedition up into mid-April slush and mud.

Searching for the source of the river Doubs, and the Château du Joux, 23 April 2004

Kristin explores limestone holes in the forest floor, Petit Cunay, 25 April 2004.

Creux d'Enfer de Petit Cunay, 25 April 2004 Late May hikes to Mont Tendre Hikes with Alison, 23-25 May 2004

More holes in the forest floor, 29 May

It's been a wonderful spring here in Switzerland, with breezy sunny days at 15-18 degrees, and now we're getting in shape for the summer. It looks like the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, USA, gets the nod for our summer hols this year, unless Ashcroft's trolls intervene.

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