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Summer 2021

A photographic record of whatever leapt out at us

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go..

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A Carolinas exploration in the merry month of May

When the temperature hovers at 30°C (86°F) for a week, it's time to greet the summer with a road trip.

The subtle joys of Greensboro, NC, and Melvin's Mountain,
3-4 May 2021

Boating on Lake Hartwell, SC, & a goat farm,
5 May 2021

The South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson
University, 6 May 2021

Searching for scenic waterfall hikes in Georgia, and back
for a ride on Lake Hartwell, 7 May 2021

Waterfalls in the Dupont State Forest, and views of
Hendersonville, North Carolina, 9 May 2021

Hike to the St Mary's Wilderness waterfall, without
the waterfall, 25 May 2021

A visit with Alison to Wintergreen's Shamokin Falls,
6 June 2021

And now -- The Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky, and the journey to Wisconsin

The Natural Bridge State Resort Park, Kentucky,
10 June 2021

Another expedition to the Kentucky Natural Bridge,
11 June 2021

A dash past downtown Chcago & a visit with Emily and Clinton, 12-13 June 2021.

Onward, bravely, into our first Wisconsin summer without
Trump since (it seems) forever.

Mid-June 2021: Welcome again to the Wisconsin Northwoods

Checking in at Mussent Point, & the cats get to go outside
at last, late June 2021

A wedding & an (unrelated) swamp walk,
also late June 2021

Loon sightings, eagle sightings, & clearing a path for the hydrobikes, early July 2021

Loon chicks, feisty cats, mushroom hunts, & shoreline vandals,
8-15 July 2021

Ducks on a log, kayaks in the canal, & a swooping eagle,
16-19 July 2021

Duck parades, shoreline protection, & belated loosestrifing,
20-28 July 2021

Lake Superior: Cats take the eroded beach challenge,
30-31 July 2021

Lake Superior: Beach art, and a look at the Porkies,
31 July-2 August 2021

Loons again, ducks again, a sailboat, and more riprap,
9 through 17 August 2021

The lake snake, the Patriot Airhead, & the grand battle of the loosestrife, 18-21 August 2021

Random lake views from a declining summer,
24-30 August 2021

The expedition to Frog Bay, the mystery canoe, and
Oscar's brief visit, early September 2021

Late summer scenes from the lake (featuring our little
turtle friend), 4-10 September 2021

Back north to 'South Beach', Upper Michigan on Lake Superior, mid-September 2021

A Lake Superior beach walk to the Flintsteel River,
17 September 2021

Another beach walk, intended for the Four Mile Rock,
18 September 2021

The last days on the lake, under Choupette's accusatory stare,
to 1 October 2021

The road home -- The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Cumberland Falls State Park

A stop-over in Chicago, and lunch in front of The Bean

The Art Institute of Chicago, 2 October 2021

A visit to the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park,
Kentucky, 4-8 October 2021

The walk out to the Eagle Falls for another view of
the Cumberland River Falls, 6 October 2021

The Blue Bend Trail on the Cumberland River,
7 October 2021

An evening in Wytheville, Virginia, on the long
road home, 9 October 2021

The summer's over, and it's time to break out the winter longjohns.

Winter 2020-21

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