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Winter 2003-2004

wonderful wintry fun in the country the neo-cons have so far overlooked

Another brief visit to Mont de Bière Devant

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Off we go from the Pré d'Aubonne, 7 March 2004

Drs Pirri and Durham set off into the snowy forest from the Pré d'Aubonne near the Col du Marchairuz (Switzerland) -- they're bound for Mont de Bière Devant but will first pass by the supercave called the Grand Baume du Pré d'Aubonne.

Our first stop, the Big Hole

Danger de mort!

Enough hilarity, let's get on with it.

Off we go.

The route begins to ascend as former Pres. Pirri boldly leads the way.

Limestone holes in the forest floor; mind your step.

-- Keep your comments to yourself!

Another burst of energy

Okay, it's lunchtime.

-- Who tripped me?

The little cliffs at the top of Mont de Bière Devant are almost in sight, 7 March 2004, approaching from the east.

Dean Pirri, in a paroxysm of youthful exuberance, dashes to the top as his fellow hikers struggle a bit towards the ridge.

Dean Pirri at the famous flagpole of Mont de Bière Devant

Struggler #2 reaches the ridge.

Dr Pirri occupies his time, awaiting struggling stragglers, by viewing Lausanne in the distance

The famous flagpole on Mont de Bière Devant, with fans.

Hikers trading humorous anecdotes and speculations about G W Bush; obvious merriment

The view to the east

The view to the south, whence we hikers have ascended to the venue.

Now we're en route to Mont de Bière proper

The shed on Mont de Bière

Hikers enjoying the snow

Our guide considers that we're lost now.

Hikers wandering in the trackless forest near Marchairuz.

Another good reason to be careful when bushwhacking near Marchairuz.

Dr Pirri pitching off the ridge, parachute at the ready, whilst less kneeworthy companions take the long way round and meet him at the bottom.

Good luck!

Making angels in the snow, or something more sinister?

Winter 2003-4

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