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Winter 2003-2004

wonderful wintry fun in the country the neo-cons have so far overlooked

P1568 in the springtime

A cloud-blobbed sky, lots of mud, and the drippy last of the snow, and some soggy explorations near Paccots

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Above Les Paccots, specifically the Lac des Joncs, Joe and Kristin squoosh up wet grass to have a look at the farm of Grevalla-Dessus (1387m) on a partially-cloudy afternoon, 18 April 2004.

Grevalla Dessus (upper Grevalla), at 1387m, overlooks Grevalla Dessous (lower Grevalla), and Dr Pirri squooshes up wet grass with the very best of them.

The Grevalla Dessus farms sits on a stark little hilltop with excellent views, on clear days, and Joe and Kristin squoosh over to see whatever there is to be seen.

Hikers think a bit and then prepare to climb on to P1568.

P1568, the Unnamed Summit, hovers on the horizon.

Perhaps it's the cross that impels them, or beckons.

"Where is that other guy, what's his name? The one with the camera."

"I'm here! I'm here! Look. I'm right behind you."

Singing gospel hymns on Point 1568m, near the Pralet farm on a cloudy day

The Paccots-Dessous farm at 1431m as the soggy hikers seek innovative ways back down the mountain

Maps can frequently be wrong. Hikers persevere in the belief that all roads lead to Lake Geneva, or near enough.

The Lake Geneva road is becoming complicated and we welcome alternative suggestions.

Dr Pirri spies a farm at 1350m and concludes that all is not lost, including himself.

From here it should be an easy matter and a long trudge back to Joncs above Les Paccots, and bracing hot chocolate for some but not all of us.

But the map was wrong again.

Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 20 October 2002
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 13 April 2003
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 18 April 2004

Winter 2003-4

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