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Despite exceptionally strong instincts towards gazing for hours off the balcony at Swiss scenic vistas with a chilled bottle of beer firmly in hand, from time to time Mr Peck has been gratefully dragged away to other venues.

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Houmt-Souk, Isle of Djerba, Tunisia, 1981

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Venice, 1981 (holding onto a friend's ice axe lest passing tourists be surprised by disembowelment)

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Orkney Islands ferry, 1983

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Turkey, 1987

Ferry to the Outer Hebrides, 1988 (and 1985, and 1990)

North Stradbroke Island, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, with Gregor, Alison, and Georgia, 1996

The High Route of the Alps à pied, June 1977

With Marlowe and Alison Peck at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in New Mexico, USA, July 1997, and other sites in that great state

Mt Washington and other venues, USA, summer 1998

The Swiss Alpine Pass Route, 13-20 July 1999

Bicycle rally through Québec, Canada, July 2001

A long walk with Mr Berman over into Italy and back, July 2002

Valencia, Spain, November 2002

Aosta and the Gran Paradiso National Park, northern Italy, July 2003

Devon and Cornwall, October 2003

The Olympic National Park, State of Washington, USA, July 2004

Devon and Cornwall, southwest coast path, October 2004

Lago Maggiore, Italy, April 2005

The Vanoise National Park, France, August 2005

Uganda, November 2005

Boston, Mass., and Newport, Rhode Island (USA), November 2005

Devon and Cornwall, April 2006

Newfoundland, Canada, June 2006

Rome, Italy, November 2006

Sestri Levante and the Cinque Terre, Italy, February 2007

Northern Ireland and Donegal, April 2007

Coast of Maine, USA, Sept.-Oct. 2007

Hiking on Corsica, late November 2007

South Korea, early November 2008

Southwestern France, November 2008

Lakes Maggiore and Orta, Italy, February 2009

Southwestern France again, June 2009

Wisconsin, USA, August 2009

Cornwall and Devon, October 2009

Northern Corsica, Christmas 2009

Georgia, April 2010

Venice and neighborhood, May-June 2010

Northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ottawa, July-August 2010

Naples and the Amalfi coast, October-November 2010

Florence, Pisa, and Mantua, February 2011

The Northwoods of Wisconsin, USA, summer 2011

Southern Italy, October 2011

The Sacri Monti in Orta and Varallo, Artemisia Gentileschi in Milano, November 2011

Andalucia, Spain: Granada, Alhama, Córdoba, and Sevilla, December 2011

Genoa and Savona, Italy, February 2012

Chartres, Le Mans, and the Louvre, April 2012

Wisconsin, USA, summer 2012

Toledo and Madrid, Spain, November 2012

Sicily road trip, Inspector Montalbano country, December 2012

Ferrara and Ravenna, northern Italy, May 2013

Further adventures in North America, July-September 2013

Trento, Bolzano, Lago di Garda, Brescia, northern Italy, December 2013

Bologna and Modena, north-central Italy, May 2014

Wisconsin, USA, on the lake, and road trip to the east coast, July-September 2014

Aosta, Italy, and the Valpelline, November 2014

Lucca, Pistoia, Prato, San Gemignano, northern Tuscany, November 2014

Ten wintry days in the South of France, December 2014

Arezzo, Siena, Cortona, southern Tuscany, February-March 2015

Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay, May-June 2015

Hydrobiking with Cousin Rob, and family visits, northern Wisconsin, July-September 2015

Gubbio, Umbria, Italy, with side trips to Assisi, Urbino, and Perugia, November 2015

Fort Bard, Ivrea, the Sabauda Gallery in Turin, northern Italy, December 2015

Parma and environs, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, February 2016

Sirmione on Lago di Garda, Verona, Vicenza, Mantua, northern Italy, May 2016

The Horicon Marsh and other subtle adventures in northern Wisconsin, July-September 2016

Viterbo, Orvieto, Rome, Bolsena, Bracciano, etc., in the Lazio region of Italy, Nov.-Dec. 2016

Treviso, Padua, Bassano and other destinations in the Veneto region, Italy, Feb.-March 2017

The southern Veneto region: Montagnana, Este, Arquà Petrarca, Italy, May 2017

Dredging the Upper Mississippi River and other Wisconsin adventures, July-September 2017

Portugal: Lisbon and the neighborhood, October 2017

San Marino

Ferrara, then San Marino, with Rimini, Pesara, Cesena, and assorted medieval villages, December 2017

Lodi in Lombardy, with visits to Milan, Crema, and Como, February 2018

The Langhe region of Piemonte: Alba, Saluzzo, Asti and lots of castles, May 2018

Western Virginia, northern Wisconsin, and back to Virginia, & a fateful decision in Staunton, July-September 2018

Bobbio, and then Mondovì (above), with Piacenza, Cuneo, Albenga, Zuccarello, Acqui Terme, etc., October 2018

The Canavese, Italy: Torino's Palazzo Madama & Borgo Medievale, February 2019

The lake in the Wisconsin, USA, Northwoods, June-September 2019

Northern Wisconsin and Lake Superior, Upper Michigan, June-October 2020

Road trip through South and North Carolina, USA, May 2021

Three visits to Kentucky natural wonders, 2020-2021: Carter Caves, Natural Bridge, and Cumberland Falls

Pulling up invasive weeds with Cousin Rob in northern Wisconsin, visits to Upper Michigan, USA, June-October 2021

The Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA, February-March 2022

The now-traditional 3 or 4 months in northern Wisconsin and the Michigan Upper Peninsula, this time featuring some days in Duluth, June-October 2022

Two weeks in Rome and 11 days in Ascoli Piceno (above), Marche, Italy, November 2022

Back to the Wisconsin Northwoods and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, June-September 2023

Two weeks in Castel Gandolfo near Rome and another in Naples, Italy (above: the Castel dell'Ovo), October 2023

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More to come, Bog willing.

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