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La Dôle and some of its chamois, 2004

A few more photos of La Dôle

with its Cointrin aeroport radar facilities on top, and its abundance of cute little chamois gamboling about.

The top of La Dôle (1677m) from about 1400m entering the combe of the Chalet de la Dôle, 24 April 2004.

We're here to hunt chamois.

A chamois scout lurking in the shadows, gauging the visitors' intent.

La Dôle from the Chalet de la Dôle, April 2004.

Kristin sets off to seek out those cute little curvy-horned dudes.

Enthusiastically on the hunt

Nearby chamois are perking up their tiny little ears, gauging the visitors' intent.

Local chamois displaying the better part of valor by sliding off over the ridge until the visitors' intent becomes reliably known.

Snoozing chamois near Chalet de la Dôle trusts that visitors are toting cameras and not AK-47s, but . . .

is not pleased to be disturbed, in any case.

La Dôle from the front side, 24 April 2004.

Little Dôle chamois searching everywhere about for unfrozen stuff to eat, many of them stocking up fast and getting ready to present the world with brand new chamois.

Disturbed inadvertently by passing hikers, chamois drift eastward for some peace and quiet.

Chamois Checkpoint: "Stop right there! If you approach one step further, we'll go away!"

"All right, that's it! Goodbye!"

As if someone blew a whistle, it's off for another lunch.

"Cameras are okay, come back again. Rifles and shotguns are not, stay away."

Kristin is ready to go home and see if there are any more lichee nuts left in the fridge, or oysters.

The last chamois sentinel watches us vacate the premises, and gives the all-clear signal.

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

La Dôle in pix

Basic La Dôle

La Dôle at all seasons

La Dôle with cute chamois

La Dôle from nearby Poêle Chaude

Jura Farms: La Chalet de la Dôle

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