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Mont de Bière Devant

The Monts de Bière, Jura meadows owned by the commune of Bière, poke up at 1520 and 1530 meters from the limestone forests just northeast of the Col du Marchairuz, and are extraordinarily beautiful in the right light, especially in winter.

The flagpole outside Mont de Bière Devant farm, 4 March 2000.

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From the flagpole, looking southwest toward Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). The city of Geneva lies at the right end of the lake.

Another view from the flagpole, showing the popularity of the place amongst snowshoers and the odd skier, 16 February 2003.

Seen from the south.

A snowshoe tangle on Mont de Bière Devant, January 2000.

Kristin taking her turn at the flagpole, 2 January 2004

An excellent walk up to Mont de Bière Devant in March 2004 with a collection of former ACS professors.

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

Mont de Bière Devant, basic

Mont de Bière Devant, hikes 2004

Mont de Bière Devant, another hike

Mont de Bière Devant, spring 2005

Mont de Bière Devant, spring 2010

The flagpole near Mont de Bière Devant from the northeast, February 2003.

November 2007

A new bench for resting on and a table d'orientation for orientating on, April 2010

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