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Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


A nice long weekend in the Gran Paradiso National Park, July 2003

Right the way over the St Bernard pass, we find ourselves in the old Roman city of Aosta, poised geographically to have some fun.

Our view from Hotel Europa, adjacent to the central square, 10 July 2003.

Traveling companion Kristin, before the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre
(the renovations were completed in 2009)

A neat tower in Aosta, the Balivi (or Bailiff's) tower.

The central square of Aosta, Piazza Chanoux, with folklorique wood things and the Palazzo del Municipio behind (left).

More good Aosta: the cathedral, with the belltowers behind.

Saints lined up in order for inspection: more good Aosta.

Some ancient gateways in Aosta.

Kristin in the high street, alert for bargains.

The cathedral's bell towers

Alps looming

Long weekends in Italy: Gran Paradiso


Fénis Castle


Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele II (2732m)

Grand Collet (2832m)

Lago di S. Grato (2466m)

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