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Leysin, Switzerland, and its wonderful mountains

Here's a wheelbarrowload of pix of the mountain scenery all round Leysin.  Verbier had the skiers, Gstaad had the movie stars, but Leysin has always had the cutest mountains.

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Leysin mountain scenery (1), including: general, La Berneuse, La Tour de Famelon, La Riondaz, La Tour de Mayen, Sur les Truex

Leysin mountain scenery (2), including: Lac d'Aï, Les Fers, Mont d'Or, Lac d'Hongrin

La Riondaz

La Berneuse

La Tour d'Aï

La Tour de Mayen

Les Truex

La Tour de Famelon

leysinmt08.jpg (14640 bytes)

Rochers de la Latte, beyond Famelon

Mont d'Or

Pic Chaussy

Lac d'Hongrin

Les Dents du Midi

Dent de Morcles

Some of Prof Berman's Leysin photos from the 1980s

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Leysin mountains

Leysin scenery

Leysin village

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