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Grand Cunay

Grand Cunay (though short) can be interesting, and sometimes not without epiphanies.

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The Grand Cunay is a small double peak on the Chemin des Crêtes transjurassien hiking trail between the Col du Marchairuz and Mont Tendre, 1567 meters altitude at the first summit (with the farmhouse on top, above) and 1603m on the unnamed second summit 500m to the northeast towards Mont Tendre. (View 21 December 2003)

Grand Cunay, abode of hikers and angels. More here.

A party of snowshoers getting fed up with the weather, and heading for the south of France. Context.


Grand Cunay from the side of Mont de Bière, 9 January 2006, the farm (1567m) on the left, the second summit (1603m) on the right.

22 March 2003

The front part of Grand Cunay (1574m), the farm building at left center, under the cloud, and the second part (1603m), right center, nice and sunny, and inviting.

The farm at Grand Cunay hoves into view. Well, we are doing the actual hoving, the building is just sitting there, buffeted by the wind, awaiting us but not showing much emotion.

The farm at Grand Cunay, 5 March 2006. [More on the farm]

The Chemin des Crêtes passes right by here, at the trail signs at the corner of the building.

The top of the Grand Cunay is "wind-scoured" and thus easy to walk around on.

For the moment, royal-we're headed for the second part of Grand Cunay (1603m), about ten minutes away.

A quick glance back at the farm at Grand Cunay as we pull the hood up and look forward to some semi-serious wind for the next twenty minutes or so.

Jura shrubbery. Grand Cunay is exposed on top and nearly always windy.

The farm at Grand Cunay seen from near the windswept summit of the second part of Grand Cunay. La Dôle is barely perceptible in the far distance.

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) from Grand Cunay, with France to the south on the other side of it.

Passing by the farm at Grand Cunay again

A three-sided hut at the bottom of Grand Cunay, with directions for the Club Alpin Suisse (CAS) hut to the right. We're going left.

Farm at Grand Cunay

March 2006 views

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