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Les Dents du Midi from the south side

Where the Alps begin

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Les Dents du Midi from the south side, from the Col de la Golette, 15 July 2007.

From left: Haute Cime (3257m) and Les Doigts (the fingers), Dent Jaune (yellow tooth) and L'Eperon (the spur), La Cathédrale and La Fortresse, and on the right, Cime de l'Est (eastern peak, 3177m)

The Col de Susanfe (2494m) from the auberge de Salanfe (1950m)

Haute Cime (3257m), the highest peak on the Dents du Midi chain and the only hikable one. Les Doigts are just to the right.

D. Peck exulting at the Col de Susanfe 26 years after his first visit to this remarkable place.

The Cabane de Susanfe (2102m) and the path leading down through the Pas d'Encel to Champèry

The Pas d'Encel, the narrow gorge leading down to Champèry, virtually impassable in winter no matter what equipment you're carrying

From the Col de Susanfe (2494m), a look at the top of Haute Cime (3257m) and, in the foreground, the Col de Paresseux (3056m), where the "lazy people" give up when they discover that there's still 200 vertical metres to be got up before you can have lunch at the top.

The Col de Susanfe. The trail, such as it is, leads up rightward into the 2700m rockband on the horizon, and then back left in deep mud to the Col des Paresseux.

A closer view of the way up to the 2700m rockband. Mr Peck has passed some awkward moments out on that slope, trundling bruised college girls back down after small falls, dashing back up to haul more of them up through the muddy scree to the Col of the Lazy People.

Two hikers, it would seem, out on the "trail" to the rockbands.

A view of the Col de Susanfe and the Haute Cime from the Col de la Golette, July 2007

The same, zoomed.

Haute Cime from the south

Haute Cime, Les Doigts, Dent Jaune, L'Eperon, La Cathédrale, La Fortresse, Cime de l'Est, with their glaciers ranged out in front of them and all the muddy scree rock below. And the lake at the bottom.

Dents du Midi from the northern side, the classic view from Leysin, January 2005

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