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Winter 2008-2009

The best snow we've had in the Jura in a decade, but now it's nearly all gone.

Some updated views of Mont Tendre

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Mont Tendre is justly famous in this part of the world for sticking slightly out of the forest. The snow's mostly gone now, on 17 May, so we ought to see some colorful little flowers.

Mont Tendre in the offing. We've passed the Alpine Club cabin above Petit Cunay and we're near the Druchaux meadows now.

Same, but with the Fujizoom fully unfurled.

Not much snow is left now, and any unpleasantries in the forest floor will be showing up plainly.

Like these

Halfway along the southeast side of Mont Tendre, called Les Rochettes, there is a fine gully sort of thing that cornices impressively in winter and holds some of its snow well into the springtime.

That's the gully. We've gone one level up in order to look down on it. The Crêt de Mondisé is in the background, and Lake Geneva beyond that.

Mont Tendre's summit pylon is that way, but a couple of these big humps are within a couple of meters of the same altitude as the summit itsownself.

Mont Tendre is really just a big long ridge, and this is some more of it.

Hikers wandering by, with Lake Geneva in the background

A glimpse of the summit pylon

A Fujizoom glimpse of the summit pylon

And a closer view. Some people up there already.

Some of the late cornices nearby, and crocuses. And clouds rolling in from France.

A hardy mountain biker pushing his bike up the last bit

The Mont Tendre pylon, at 1678.8 meters altitude.

Looking northeastward, the Chalet du Mont Tendre, and Lac de Neuchâtel in the distance.

A look back at the Les Rochettes way we've come. Now we'll return by way of the Chemin des Crêtes, which goes off down along the right side.

Vestigial cornices, impressive at mid-winter, pathetic in mid-May.

Down along the northwest side, the farm of Chalet de Yens (1589m), and France on the horizon.

The Chemin des Crêtes

More Chemin des Crêtes, already well traveled but pretty muddy

A look back: the Chalet de Yens perched on the shoulder on the left

The Swiss Alpine Club cabane of Cunay

Back at the Route des Montagnes -- Old gun emplacements


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