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Scenes from northern Wisconsin, summer 2017

More annual lakeside fun in the Northwoods

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

More scenes from the lake

Summer 2017 -- so far we've been on our annual study tour with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association and hosted daughters Alison and Marlowe and their nuclear families on the lake. Now for still more random additions to the seasonal photo dump.

The new table centrepiece

Punctual as usual

Sunbathers on the floatboat

Taking a breather

More eagles

The end of the day, rounding Pradt's Point toward the bay of Mussent Point, to the accompaniment of a juvenile eagle's squawking, 6 August 2017

There, in the tree hanging over the point, is an eagle. But it's not a squawking juvenile.

Two eagles, in fact. But no juvenile.

Rounding the point for a better look . . .

. . . and there's the juvenile as well. A nuclear family.


Mussent Point swampiness

The lake is expanding every year, as the water level rises, into adjacent woods.

A boat ride with Melvin. (He's got his own life jacket but hates it . . .)

(. . . and it's no wonder.)

Melvin the Centrepiece

The lake on a chilly morning in August

A sunny morning in August

A non-linear tree limb

A rocky reef off Pradt's Point, and tag alders suffering in the higher lake levels; the central island of Adjidaumo in the background.

A casualty from the winter before this last one

Eagles on Adjidaumo, their home island

In the canal

The canal's mid-lake

Scrutinizing the shoreline (where there is one) for matters of interest

Something catches the eye (just beyond the gelatinous green blob)

Oh, great. We were hoping for a cute sunbathing turtle.

Long arms of open water searching out the woodland low points

The State-Owned Island

Most of the six or seven islands on the lake (depending upon lake levels) are owned by the trust that succeeded the lumber company that operated on the lake in the 1890s and early 1900s -- but not this one.

The story seems to be that at some point someone neglected to pay the state property tax on it, so now . . .

. . . it's a State-Owned Island (no camping or picnicking on this severely overgrown rock).

Camping would be unpleasant in any case.

Pausing in a rowboat to memorialize one of Wisconsin's protected natural gems

Now to jimmy the rowboat into the boathouse (and then clamber successfully out of it, not so easy as it once was)

Still another rainy day . . .

. . . and refuge in a deluge.

Curled up with an improving book

The point of land called Tigertail, 3km south of Mussent Point

A lazy duck

Stopping off for a swim in the shallows

Northward on the lake, from near Tigertail

Now the wind is rising -- head for the house.

Catching rainbows on the lake

It's been raining and sunny off and on all afternoon, sometimes simultaneously (cellphone photos by Rob).

We've just realized that the rainbow is hanging there in front of us . . .

. . . and the pot of gold at the right end of the rainbow is about 10 metres off my right pontoon.

A little later, out in the middle near Adjidaumo island, another one.

I'm going after it.

Clearly my view of it is different from the photographer's.

The pot of gold issue never got thoroughly vetted.

Melvin's sleeping is an art in itself.

Gridlock in the merganser decision-making

The canal again (getting away from the stresses of modern life). The sign points to Clowns on the left and Jokers on the right, a code known only to clowns and jokers.

Half the old forest at the bottom of the canal

It's always peaceful here . . .

. . . and frequently disgusting.

The lake's invasions into the low woodland

Cousin Rob looking for something, probably chanterelles

Don't leave your hydrobike.

Back out of the mid-lake

Hydrobikes are a wonderful way to travel.

The point between the main lake and the canal bay

The Merganser Group of Eight

A small shrine on the end of the point, planted under a willow tree. Which the beavers have just got round to.

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