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Scenes from northern Wisconsin, summer 2015

More annual lakeside fun in the Northwoods

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

More hijinks on the lake

Alison and Mark out for a cruise on the hydrobikes, 26 August

With a canoeful of friends and relations

And a chaperone

We're on our way to see if the eagle is maintaining its vigilance on the centre island.

Photo opportunities

Photo by Marlowe

An important call

An eagle on the usual perch on Adjidaumo, the centre island -- this one a juvenile

Around the sand bar for a better look

The flotilla (photo by Marlowe)

The house on 'Raymond's Island'


Past the public boat landing

Photo by Marlowe

Another photo opportunity

And still another (photo by Marlowe)

Another afternoon floatboat ride (and photo opportunity), 26 August, led by . . .

. . . Captain Bill

Dima, Mark, and Ali -- Alison and Mark are off back to Virginia tomorrow, alas.

Back to the hydrobikes, 27 August

Ready and trying to be patient

Dmitri, Marlowe, and passenger

An adult eagle this time, on the same branch

Dima and Bill near the eagles' outpost on the main island

National Bird

Time for a nap

A little timeout for Bill as we head towards the back bay past Cousin Rob's house

Ssshhhhh. Pedal quietly.

Across the back bay, propellers up, and into the canal


Churning up the gloop in the canal

Under the bridge

'No Photo!'

Lake Tomahawk at the end of the canal

Looking for rocks

Starting back

My navigator

A bunch of ducks by the dock

Bill trying to explain his computer game, in vain (photo by Marlowe)

Paddleboard expedition

Kristin getting out the powerboat, 28 August

Picking up passengers

Captain Bill

Cap'n Bill two miles south near the highway bridge

Marlowe and her Fond Papa, heading back north (photo by Dmitri)

Another expedition, later on 28 August

An important call

Another important call

Bill on the diving-boards raft at Point o' Pines

Another birthday

Emily's birthday party

Three generations. And Cousin Rob.

The birthday piñata -- Young Bill gets the first shot at it, in deference to his lack of age.

Piñata fans

Great aim, but not much oomph. The older kids will be handicapped by blindfolds.

More piñata fans


Dima and the paddleboard

Bill watering the flowers, compulsively

Paddleboarding solo

Paddleboarding with passengers

-- No Photo!


Bill, stranded on an old sailing boat used as a stationary raft

Ready to get off it now. Time to go back home to Canada -- tonight.

First, the La Quinta inn near the Wausau airport

And a look at the obligatory jacuzzi in every room. Tomorrow at dawn, back to Ottawa. Bye, Bill. And Marlowe and Dima.

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