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Scenes from northern Wisconsin, summer 2016

More annual lakeside fun in the Northwoods

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Bill's visit to Wisconsin, August 2016

We're early for Bill's flight into Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) near Wausau, WI -- just time to pop into Sam's Club convenience store for a few odds and ends. 18 August 2016.

Just don't get lost.

Bill and his entourage have arrived, and made straight for the trampoline

Making himself at home amid a huge party

Bill and a new friend Hazel

It's high time to get the old swing back into action.

We're back on the dock, kitted out and ready for anything.

Dmitri and Bill on an old hydrobike, and Marlowe in the new kayak

Family outing

We're heading for the central island, Adjidaumo, where the eagles live.

Near the island

A juvenile eagle is circling with intent over the shoreline.

Whilst the adult eagle tries to hide his half-eaten fish on the shoreline (the days of having to bring hourly food to the noisy nestlings in the trees are over)

The juvenile keeps his eye on the half-a-fish, circling, and swooping in from time to time.

As we left, the adult eagle was laboriously dragging his fish up into the trees farther up the slope, wishing that his kid would just go away.

The juvenile is not best pleased, and persistent.

Ancient Mediterranean galleys' combat tactics -- a full-on ramming.

We're across Tomahawk Bay to the canal over to the next lake.

It's not that easy to get through with passengers.

Resting at the mid-lake. A beaver dam has blocked the second stretch of canal for this summer.

Back out onto Tomahawk Bay

And back to the dock . . .

. . . tired.

Bill and Hazel trampolining

Some quality time on the slide

And a swim out to the raft

Marlowe on Kristin's new kayak, a birthday present from her daughter

Putting the raft to good use


Marlowe and a world of green in the back of the northern bay

Emily, Kristin, and Marlowe at the dock

A proposed boat ride on a rainy day, 24 August 2016

Ready for anything

The driver arrives and it's time to cast off.

A motherlode of chanterelles along the shore. It's been a bountiful summer for mushrooms, and Elke knows exactly what to do with them (seldom the same recipe twice).

Pilot Billy and Safety Supervisor Kristin

Dima and Marlowe

Memorializing the lad at work (a selection of Marlowe's photos are here)

A look at the new eagles' next on Adjidaumo (dead centre of the photo) -- moved from its habitual place over the past few years

A new toy -- the high-board raft off the Point o' Pines "Annex" (with Cousin Rob's permission)

Wetting down the slide and getting ready, but . . .

. . . deciding that perhaps it would be better to wait till we're a year older.

The lower board looks just about right.


-- Okay, just one more.

The "Annex" at Point o' Pines

Not too happy at having to head for home now

The vigilant eagle, back on his favorite tree limb on the island, year after year

Night-time skinny dipping

And waiting to go back to the high-board raft asap

First, a warm-up on the low board

Then a try-out for the high board

Then, perhaps a pep talk

Then it's down the slide (which was meant to be left until next year)

Once Bill's mind is set to something . . .

Family pedaling/paddling

Off on another chanterelle expedition

Elke, the master-chef of mushroom pastas and other inspirations

Cousin Rob leading down towards the southern end of the lake, about 3km away

Bill has been anxious to get a chance of his own at mushrooming

Elke's first reconnaissance into the forest, apparently lost by now

Awaiting Elke's return

Off southward down the lake again

In the back bay under the Highway 51 bridge, more evidence of the lake levels this year -- tough on the dock, but the TV satellite looks okay.

Duelling turtles -- this one looks agressive, but . . .

. . . this one is a fake.

Elke and Bill's gang searching out the mushrooms

And with a little help, Billy gets to harvest one of his own. Tonight, the "duelling pastas", Elke’s chanterelles and Kristin’s amatriciana (in honor of the devastating earthquake centred on Amatrice on 24 August) .

Now, on to further victories

Warming up and resting up a little as well

Ready for the pre-dawn flight from CWA, we're at the Stoney Creek (takes cats) not far from the airport, 26 August 2016. It's a nice inn, but not renowned for . . .

. . . its view.

But we're welcome anyway.

Quality time in the pool

Thanks for coming to Wisconsin to see us, Bill. Bis bald (à bientôt), see you soon (and on Skype)

Feedback and suggestions are welcome if positive, resented if negative, . All rights reserved, all wrongs avenged. Posted 7 November 2016.


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