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Scenes from northern Wisconsin, summer 2017

More annual lakeside fun in the Northwoods

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

A visit from Alison, Billy, Dmitri, Mark, and Marlowe (alphabetical order)

Mid-July shenanigans at the lake

Melvin the Doge helping out with changing a light bulb, early July

Recently described as 'The Biker Gang', but more accurately 'The Hydrobiker Gang'

Dinner at Manor Mouse, 11 July 2017

In summer, hardly a day goes by without a party.

Hazel and Bill on the trampoline. Marlowe, Dima, and Bill were on their way in to Wausau via Chicago on 12 July, but since United Airlines only flies when the mood is upon it, they spent the night in O'Hare Airport, and we drove the three hours each way to fetch them in Appleton, WI, on the 13th. Which, in fact, is the new normal here.

There's something about trampolines . . .

. . . that gets adults involved as well (photo by Marlowe)

Eagles on the island

A ride on the pontoon boat, leaving the boathouse, 14 July, Hazel at the wheel.

A natural learner. Around the end of Mussent Point (photo by Marlowe)

Hazel, Bill, and Dima

Nearing the Mussent Point dock to pick up the rest of the party

Renewing acquaintances from last summer (photo by Marlowe)

'Adjidaumo', the centre island (where the eagles live)

The eagles' nest mid-island, with one of them hanging out above it, squeaking 'Feed Me'

Predictably, it's the juvenile making the racket.

Bill's turn at the wheel (photo by Marlowe)

Hazel, Kristin, and Joellen (photo by Marlowe)

The ship's ballast (photo by Marlowe)

Marlowe and Bill

Bill (photo by Marlowe)

A natural actor (photo by Marlowe)

Marlowe and Hazel

The Bearskin Trail

We're off for a hike on the Bearskin Trail.

Slowed down a bit by our collector of attractive stones on the trail

The Bearskin Trail, built on the right-of-way of an old forestry train line through the Northwoods from the 1890s

Special treatment for the youngest of our party (photo by Dmitri)

More special treatment -- a free ride on the hydrobike . . .

. . . and a peach

Hunting for more eagles

We're mainly doing this for young Bill, but he's resolutely unimpressed.

Shrill squeaking from the northern point of Adjidaumo island


The juvenile yelling 'Feed me', the adult (below) ignoring him

(photo by Marlowe)

A test of skills at the mini-golf

The gauntlet thrown down -- the game is on. 20 July 2017.

Things begin straightforwardly enough . . .

. . . and we're all keeping up fairly well (photo by Alison)

A few balls, of course, went into the artificial creek (photo by Marlowe)

A quick learner

Marlowe and Dmitri, Mark and Alison, and a pesky 'totem pole' stuck out in the middle

I did quite well, myself, and beat Bill's score. Now it's time for 'frozen custard' and . . .

go-karting for some of our party (photo by Marlowe)

-- Step back from the track, please.

Out on the lake

Two kayaks and a paddleboard, and a stowaway

Paddleboarding near Mussent Point

Kayaks across the lake: Marlowe and Alison

Back towards Point o' Pines

Capturing (and releasing) a tiny frog

Out in the skiboat: Dima, Mark, and Alison

A crosswind

(photo by Alison)

Alison (photo by Mark)


At the Best Western in Rothschild

A long wait, and clearly not the restaurant for us anyway

Much better off at the Green Mill after all. Marlowe, Dmitri, and Bill are flying out from Wausau CWA at the crack of dawn tomorrow, 22 July 2017.

-- We're sure about the 'university' part, but as to the name, we like to keep our options open.

A quick look-in at the cemetery . .

. . . and a little vase of flowers.

A last paddle on the lake with Mark and Alison, and they're off back to the observatories on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, 23 July 2017. With good luck, next year a congenial family repeat.

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