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Christmas 2006 in Ollon, Switzerland

Winter 2006-2007 spent waiting around for winter

Dr Durham has got a new house in Ollon, Switzerland, and we're here to celebrate the Christmas holiday and fog.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Ollon at its gloomiest, 24 December 2006, from a little way up the hill behind it.

Dinner's on the boiler and we're out for a hike from Ollon up over one of our old annual running routes through the cliffs above the town over to the vicinity of Aigle.

Dr Durham above vineyards in her Christmas colors

Dr Durham relaxing by the chute de pierre, or steinschlag, or rockfall danger sign

Returning to Ollon on Christmas Eve, with the Dent de Morcles looming above

Ollon and the Dent de Morcles

Christmas Eve in Ollon, 2006. Coming up on time for dinner.

Dr Durham's highly original kitchen, with Christmas Eve dinner in the microwave (this year it's Mongolian fondue!)

Dr Durham lays out the Mongolian fondue, a traditional Christmas specialty

Famished diners assembled: (from left) Dr Durham, Dr Durham, and (on the right) Dr Durham

A selection of Drs Durham (with the traditional Swiss paper crown out of the Christmas cake)

Two Drs Durham (André with traditional paper crown), with a concerned citizen

0.5% of Dr Durham's collection of Venetian masks

Some of Dr Durham's collection of bustiers and model thoraxes

Some of Dr Durham's collection of Asian puppets and Venetian harlequins

Some of Dr Durham's collection of still more puppets

One of Dr Durham's collection of kids

Dr Durham the Younger and the Christmas camera

Dr Durham's mannequin observing the Opening of the Presents enviously

Careful scrutiny of the Christmas presents (Mr Peck received a lovely shirt, an astrological beer mug, and a windshield ice-scraper)

Durhams playing Christmas-present jokes on each other

Mercedes stirring up the Christmas dinner

Christmas day in Ollon, viewed out the 18th century windows

Definitely time for Christmas dinner

The 15th annual Christmas photo on the sofa

(from left) Dr Durham, Dr Durham, and Dr Durham

(from right) Dr Durham, Dr Durham, and (on the left) Dr Durham

Under the Christmas rug (from left), Dr Durham, Dr Peck.
(The "47 km coast guard" is the nickname of the Slovenian navy. Really.)

Dr Durham carving what looks like a turkey, but isn't really. It's something else.

Dante and the roasted capon

Big and fat now, dinner's over, it's time to go home and wait around for the snow. Thanks for the grub, Drs Durham.

Further info: Ollon in September 2006

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