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The "Swiss Alpine Pass Route"

The Höhtürli Route, Day 9 manqué

Having failed signally to complete the planned Höhtürli Route in the allotted 8 days for the Swiss Alpine Pass Route, the July 1999 hikers disbanded to resume their own lives however futile they may be, but Former ACS President Pirri determined to put the question to the test before winter closed in utterly.  So in October 1999, two members of the former party took to the muddy hills again, in the most horrifying torrential rains Switzerland had seen in WEEKS.

hike99b1.jpg (14768 bytes)

Dr Pirri himself, in a bitter but determined mood, instructed the other member(s) of the expedition on the tolerance for mud that would be required if success were to be within our grasp. Whilst he was speaking, the other member(s) of the expedition were nodding happily and eating chocolate and a sausage.

hike99b2.jpg (34789 bytes)

Former President Pirri, on the point of losing patience with the expedition stragglers. We all took the bit in the teeth and pushed on in a vigorous manner.

-- Dr. Pirri! Don't just leave us! We're doing the best we can. Here, have some chocolate. Have some sausage!

hike99b3.jpg (15819 bytes)

Ooops, there's the top.  And the cold rain has let up, however briefly. Time to start up the mantra, maybe we'll get through this in the same incarnation.

hike99b4.jpg (33732 bytes)

We're getting closer and closer, and look! there're some people trying to get down. Bet they're happier right now than we are.

hike99b5.jpg (27709 bytes)

Smug boy. Finally made it to Blümlisalphütte, 100m above Höhtürli, dipping and dancing among the most astonishing glaciers, jumbled and piled up all on top of one another. Wet and cold, but that's okay, for a while.

hike99b7.jpg (18703 bytes)

Dean Pirri smiles almost beatifically, whilst striving to hold up the side of the Blümlisalp Hütte in the chilly rain.

Thank you to the French gentleman who snapped this group photo and then dropped our camera down in the rocks. "Ce n'est pas grave, monsieur."

The view from the Cabane back down to Höhtürli (bottom center), with the Lake of Thun in the upper right.

hike99b8.jpg (22122 bytes)

Peering back down towards the Lake of Thun, just west of Dr Peck's elbow one can see a comfortable BENCH tucked in under the cliffs, where ascending passersby can catch their breaths and consult their Baedekers, and then take their chances on getting to the top of this scenic mess without cardiac arrest or a core meltdown.

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