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Farms of the Jura in winter

The Jura mountains run in a southwest-northeast direction along the border between France and Switzerland, from Geneva (Genève) to Basel (Bâle), holding at about 1300-1400 meters altitude (4350-4500 feet), and peaking in the range of 1650 meters (5450 feet). These photos of high alpage farms in winter are mainly from the southwestern end of that range, between the cities of Geneva and Vallorbe.

Perroude du Vaud

Communal pastures above the village of Le Vaud, 1371 meters altitude, on the Chemin des Crêtes transjurassien hiking trail between the Col du Marchairuz and the Col de Givrine. 11 February 2006.

We're here on a brisk sunny February day in 2006, following somebody's ski trail.

There's somebody in there right now, in fact; we can smell dinner cooking, delicious.

The green painting near the door looks similar to the traditional poy in the canton of Fribourg, a naive art form showing the cows being led up (or down, depoy) the mountain, colorful, no perspective at all, hung over the barn doors.

The snowshoe trail passing from lower right to slightly higher right is the Chemin des Crêtes international hiking trail.

Those are footprints up the roof to the chimney.

jura-perroude-vaud1.jpg (19563 bytes)

Viewed near sundown on a stormy day, 28 January 2001

More photos of the limestones holes nearby

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

19 November 2016

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Farms of the Jura in winter

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