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Farms of the Jura in winter

The Jura mountains run in a southwest-northeast direction along the border between France and Switzerland, from Geneva (Genève) to Basel (Bâle), holding at about 1300-1400 meters altitude (4350-4500 feet), and peaking in the range of 1650 meters (5450 feet). These photos of high alpage farms in winter are mainly from the southwestern end of that range, between the cities of Geneva and Vallorbe.

La Dunanche

La Dunanche lies at about 1120m not far off the paved road from the highest village, Bassins, to its alpage La Bassine, on a plateauey sort of thing above the 1100m cliffs. This was taken on 23 March 2008.

The same, with the Fuji zoom on

jura-dunanche1.jpg (29145 bytes)

The farm of La Dunanche nice and perky and bright on 9 March 2003, approached from up through the cliffs above Le Jubillet.

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Another view, 9 March 2003.

Compare snow years -- this is 9 March 2003. See 11 March 2006 below.

Heading on down to the northeast late in the day, headed for Bassins.

Late in the day, 9 March 2003

Snowstorm, late afternoon, 11 March 2006

11 March 2006

Some chamois munching obliviously, 28 February 2004.

12 March 2006

La Dunanche, with La Dôle behind, 19 March 2006

The view of La Dunanche farm (1117m) to the southwest, 2 February 2008

La Dunanche, with La Dôle in the distance

A very pretty tree, with the farm on the far side of it. Still no snowshoes needed. In February!

La Dunanche, with La Barillette television towers on the horizon

A little touch of Appalachia, right here in Switzerland. No 1950s automobiles up on cinderblocks, though.

14 January 2018

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Farms of the Jura in winter

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