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Holes of the Jura, 2006

The Winter Sport for all members of the family (except the small ones)

Yep, they're all still there, and here are some new ones

The serious preliminary cataloging of Jura holes took place in 2001 and 2002, but bad habits linger on and there's no shortage of new limestone holes and chimneys in the Jura to keep folks on their toes.

Kristin, having pulled her leg back out of a worthy conversation piece in the forest of the Bois de la Pile, 24 December 2005, plumbs its depths with a skipole.

Dr Pirri peeks down into a little chamois refuge not too far from the Col du Marchairuz, 15 January 2006.

Chamois hideout, with cute little hoofprints, 15 January 2006

Prof Durham at the chamois hideaway

Later the same day, here's a little tourist attraction in the middle of the forest leading down onto the Pré d'Aubonne.

"Hallo? Is anyone there? We don't want to intrude!"

Tell-tale chamois tracks at the mouth of the cave.

"They've been here recently, but they're gone now. They may have been tipped off."

Dr Pirri leaves the forest creatures to their peace and quiet.

A word to the wise: when you're thrashing about in the forest near the Pré d'Aubonne, keep your eye out for this thing lest you stumble upon it unawares.

Later in January, whilst wandering around in the forest, cataloging refuges, Dr Pirri pauses from time to time to contemplate karstic holes in the landscape (29 January 2006).

We're proceeding gingerly along in hopes of stumbling across the Refuge de la Joratte, the second refuge on our list for today's investigation.

But things keep getting in the way, and slowing us up.

At last we stragglers catch on to the joke -- Dr Pirri is leading us, for a lark, through all the worst places he can find.

So once again the laugh's on us.

Out for a casual promenade on 30 April 2006, we pass by this gouffre -- according to the blue sign there, this is a registered and protected gouffre -- at the southwest end of the Pré de Rolle.

Immediately, and without any reflection, Dr Pirri dashes in for a closer look and sinks.

Early May 2006, in the Creux d'Enfer near Mont de Bière, Dr Pirri goes for a dip

14 May 2006, a nice symmetrical hole in the forest

Dr Pirri finds himself intrigued by it, and drawn to it.

So in he went. We didn't see Dr Pirri again for nearly six weeks, when he popped out not far from Nyon. Just in time for lunch.

Near the Col de Marchairuz, December 2009

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Holes of the Jura

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